3 Key Considerations Anthem Ag Uses When Building an Ag Mobile App  

Carolyn Beatty

“If I have a website already, why do I need an app?” is a commonly asked (and valid) question. While it’s true that and ag mobile app and a website shares many similarities, they also offer different benefits. A recent study by mobile-analytics firm App Annie shows that users spend an average of 5 hours daily on their phones. And apps are an integral part of the mobile ecosystem.  

Apps can provide farmers with immediate access to critical agricultural insights, performance reports, weather updates, and other essential data points. It’s also easy to use mobile device features such as push notifications, touch screens, location services, and more. These reasons make apps an almost necessary asset for all agribusinesses. But, before developing an app, it’s essential to clearly define your goals and what value you want to offer through your app.  

Let’s break down the top 3 factors Anthem Ag considers in building an effective ag mobile app experience.  

User Experience  

The key element for a successful app is good UX design. This is the difference between an app we erase as soon as we download it and one that we keep using daily.  When users open an app, they want their needs satisfied immediately. Consequently, making information easy to locate is critical for a good user experience. This includes a simple interface, navigation right from the home screen, and keeping extra features to a minimum.  

Clogging up your app with unnecessary content is one of the worst things you can do for user experience. Our solution is shorter texts, fewer instructions, and a focus on communicating only what is crucial to achieving the app’s core functionality.  Consistency in interface design is also vital. Use the same typefaces, buttons, labels, icons, language, functionality, and interactive elements across your app. You always want your user to know that they are interacting with your brand throughout the entire app experience.  

Content & Data Management  

The meat and potatoes of any ag app is its content. The key is to get your content to your users as efficiently as possible. This means easy distribution of all the most recent reports and location directories for branch offices, accessible right in the palm of your users’ hands.  Your app should also cater to any subscription-based services you may offer. Subscribers should be able to easily access their exclusive premium content – including USDA and other government reports – right in one place.  

Along with the premium content that only you can offer your customers, users will also want to quickly access the most critical market data and information in the field. Our ag apps include cash grain bids, real-time futures and options quotes, commodities data displays, and weather tracking.  

Of course, you’ll also want your subscribers and customers to feel confident that any of their personal information is safe. So, our mobile app technology solutions are created with cybersecurity best practices at the forefront of development, ensuring secure access for users.  


Efficient and transparent communications tie the whole app experience together for your customers. Our apps are built to offer alert push notifications on an individual or group basis with message archiving. This lets producers stay informed of the latest information without spending time finding it in the field.  

Our apps are also built with SMS and text message alerts so you can communicate with your clients on the go. In addition, you’ll be able to send text messages to individual customers, employees, or groups with message archiving.  Finally, integrate email marketing tools into your app to automatically send email updates to your customers. This will allow your team to save time by integrating and automating this key component of your agribusiness.  


A great ag app excels by giving users a satisfying experience and delivering reports, data, and other content with little user effort. As it evolves, the agricultural industry demands this kind of user-friendly and responsive technology.  

So, we custom-build innovative and robust applications that meet specific needs, save money, improve operations, and generate fantastic customer experiences. These information and technology solutions for the agricultural industry help farmers and producers make better decisions to grow their agribusinesses. 

We can help manage your next ag mobile app, agribusiness technology, or marketing project. Discover how Gate 39 Media supports agribusinesses through  custom agricultural technology solutions.

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