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3 Key Takeaways From the 2021 National Agri-Marketing Conference

Kaitlin Vrsek

Our Gate 39 Media and Anthem Ag teams had some great “aha” moments and takeaways from this year’s National Agri-Marketing Conference.

2020 brought a lot of turmoil (I hear you rolling your eyes, you know) and so many events were canceled. Events that our ag marketing industry finds vital because face-to-face is HUGE! From meeting with prospective to current clients or expanding our network – we missed out on those key connections; as great as Zoom and Teams are, they only go so far.

This year, the tune has changed, or shall I say, the band is back together! National Agri-Marketing Association hosted #NAMA21, the 2021 National Agri-Marketing Conference in Kansas City July 20-22 with Gate 39 Media and Anthem Ag in attendance.

After over a year of not traveling for business, here are some key takeaways from #NAMA21 — the first conference our team has attended in over a year!

  • We all came here with a different perspective. This wasn’t a usual NAMA, and I’ve been here as a client, a vendor, and now an agency. The discussions were different, people were checking in on each other and how we (and our businesses) have fared throughout this crazy time, and the educational sessions reflected that as well. Targeting topics like, “Leading Through a Pandemic” and being able to adapt and market with empathy during uncertain times.
  • “So, what do you do?” There is always a new company, a new agency, or a new technology emerging in our space. Don’t hesitate to reach out to those newcomers to not only introduce yourself, but you may find a fit for a collaborative project for a client or your business.
  • Network. Network. The ag industry is small, and I mean very small. The casual conversation of a new connection during the NAMA Opening Reception could lead to a new client, a new job opportunity, or a new resource to lean on. Don’t be afraid to walk up to tables or booths and introduce yourself.

Final Thoughts

NAMA has done a phenomenal job of creating an educational, yet fun event for the ag marketing industry. Being back in-person with friends and colleagues, some of whom I’ve only met via Zoom, was energizing. I came away with new opportunities for collaboration to make sure Gate 39 Media and Anthem Ag bring the best tools and solutions to our clients and agency partners; which is exactly what NAMA is created to do.

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