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Harvest Marketing Hack: Further Your Field Reach with Text-In Keywords

Kaitlin Vrsek

This is the question that every business should be asking themselves before your customers start asking! What’s your keyword. A keyword (Text-In Keywords, to be exact) is a word or phrase that one can send to a texting long or short code that returns a message to the user and opts the user in to receiving text messages from your business in the fastest, most straightforward way.

The Text-In Keyword is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for a myriad of reasons and campaign needs. It can be even further utilized in any integrated solutions that trigger workflows, customer actions, and any custom two-way communications.

How Can You Use a Text-In Keyword for Opt-Ins?

  • Media – from radio ads to print ads, a keyword can help give an extra KPI to your marketing endeavors.
  • Website – add on a widget or a chatbot to ask your website traffic to begin to receive your messages as well as sign-up for your blog.
  • A new product launch – promote a free 2×2.5 of your new herbicide by texting in “WEEDKILLER” to 12345. Everyone who texts in gets a follow-up from a salesperson, a relationship is made and voila, a larger sale occurs!
  • Meeting or event updates – send breakout session start times, when lunch is being served or just an RSVP to a customer event via text.
  • Discount codes – have an oversupply of fungicide in the warehouse? Offer a 5% discount to move inventory by sending a discount code to your opt’d in users.
  • Customer feedback/surveys – ask a few short questions on customer satisfaction with a service, a location, or a product. Those instantaneous results help empower your sales team or allow your business to adjust to meet customer demands.

What Happens Once They Opt-In?

You know the saying about only getting one first impression, right? That’s just it, you only get one. You want the person to receive a kickback message containing information which is useful AND contributes to furthering their business with you. Options can include promoting traffic to your website, a new blog post, social media, or a salesperson/retail locations address, hours and contact information.

Can I Segment by Keyword?

Absolutely, and you should.

Utilize your mobile vendor for multiple keywords per product or marketing campaign to plug-in to your CRM (like HubSpot) for segmenting your customers. Segmenting can happen by product purchases, interests, location or if you have the data available, crops planted. Creating separate path-to-purchase options based on the different criteria associated with the keyword allows you to craft content and offers for these groups which resonates.

It’s a simple concept that can be a very powerful edition to your existing marketing strategy.

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