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Leveraging Special Offer Lead Generation Landing Pages

Gate 39 Media Staff

When it comes to digital marketing, one of the most successful formulas for generating leads, building trust, and promoting your products and services is to create special offer, lead generation landing pages.   

All marketing and advertising aim to generate qualified leads and create conversion. One of the most proven formulas for attracting prospects is using a special offer with a reciprocal call to action, or the give-to-get formula, also known as a lead magnet strategy. It can be a very profitable part of an overall inbound marketing and content strategy.   

You, the brand, are willing to trade a downloadable asset with a high perceived value, such as a white paper, eBook, special report, video, or free trial. The messaging of this asset should be tailored to those prospects’ specific interests and needs. In exchange, the lead is willing to offer their contact information, such as email and phone number, submitted through a web form.   

From the Brand Perspective  

The give-to-get formula satisfies 4 distinct needs within the transaction for brands:   

  1. The client receives valuable information that moves them along the conversion path and educates them about your product or service.  
  2. The asset helps establish your brand as a trusted authority in your industry when well-conceived and written.  
  3. Having the user’s contact information allows you to continue the conversation, such as an email marketing campaign, establishing trust with the lead as you move them along the marketing and sales funnel  
  4. Establishing a method of continuous engagement with your leads allows you to take a traditional sales process and deliver it in bite-sized pieces over time in the form of information.  

It takes an average of 8 points of contact before a lead is willing to commit to your brand. Therefore, maintaining communication and engagement with your leads is essential to the conversion process.   

From the Lead Perspective  

The give-to-get formula also satisfies 3 distinct needs within the transaction for leads & prospects:   

  1. The lead is given information about your brand, which allows them to make an informed decision and compare your brand to others in the market.  
  2. The lead is spared the agony of a “hard sell” by giving them the space, time, and freedom to discover your brand on their terms and timetable.   
  3. Everyone forgets. We lead busy lives. By engaging leads consistently over time, you keep your brand top of mind and provide a foolproof path to conversion when the lead is ready to convert.   

While every brand offer will vary, the architecture of the landing page structure in which your offer is delivered will follow a standard format to ensure success. This format has its basis in years of industry trial and error and our experience creating effective lead gen landing pages and marketing campaigns for ag businesses.  

A Stand-Alone Page  

Landing pages are intentionally designed to stand alone from the noise and distraction of a typical website. This way, the content and user experience focus the user’s attention on taking a specific action, such as clicking a CTA button (call to action) or filling out a web form.   

This technique is effective because all outside options have been eliminated, allowing the user to see the inherent value within the offer and act without getting distracted.  There is also a psychological benefit to the stand-alone nature of a landing page. It feels exclusive and private, which helps users to feel more confident offering their personal information in exchange for your offer.   

Any campaign or unique offer must be tracked to measure its effectiveness, and landing pages are easily tracked via form conversions through CRMs such as HubSpot. So, brands can see which landing pages are converting and which need work. 


Streamlined, Free from Distraction  

By design, the layout of lead generation landing pages will feature a much more streamlined aesthetic and user experience than what you’d expect from a typical website page. First, the format will be straightforward, with content kept to a minimum. Notice that the example above features plenty of white space.   

The top of the page, and the bottom, will be free from navigation like a standard webpage. Conversion is optimized by eliminating the pathways users might seek to navigate away from the page.   

Similarly, the landing page webform will follow the same streamlined design principle. The simpler the design and the fewer form fields, the higher the likelihood that the webform will be filled out and submitted.   

Attention Grabbing Headlines 

Due to the minimalist approach to design and layout, successful landing pages must include an attention-grabbing headline and a succinct introductory paragraph that grabs the reader right off the bat. It is estimated that you have 2.7 seconds to grab a reader’s attention before they move on to another site.  

Although landing page content may be minimal, attention to detail is critical. Action verbs will help engage the reader quickly and pull them through the page content. For example, “Learn the 5 Critical Steps to Building Profit in Your Ag Business” is a far more compelling headline than simply saying “Download Our Guide.”  

Headline, Bullet Point, Wrap Up  

Years ago, in leadership training, I learned a communication style known as “headline, bullet point, wrap up” in written and verbal communication. Unfortunately, with everyone moving at such an accelerated pace, nobody has the time or mental bandwidth to parse through thick volumes of information to find what they are looking for.   

Less is always more when it comes to your landing page content. Your page should feature concise sentences and bullet points that quickly communicate and highlight the offer’s benefits.   

Essentially your layout will look something like this:  


Supporting Introduction  

Bullet Points  

  • Lorem Ipsum  

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Wrap Up Statement  

Call to Action  


Thank You Page  

When a user follows the call to action and fills out a web form for your offer, direct them to a Thank You page. This accomplishes 3 priorities. It signals to the user that their submission was successfully processed, thanks the user for their interest, and establishes what the user can expect next.   

If your offer is delivered via email, you’ll want to clarify that they’ll need to check their email inbox for the expected download. If your asset is available for instant download, include a marked button to “click here to download your report.”  The thank you page is also essential because it contains a web form tracking code so you can track your conversion metrics and trigger any drip nurture campaigns that are attached to that offer.   

Special offers and lead generation landing pages help funnel leads into your marketing and sales pipeline, which triggers drip campaigns. They provide an essential function in your marketing by offering value, education, and positioning your brand as a thought leader.   

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