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Maximize Sales with HubSpot Deal Pipelines

Gate 39 Media Staff

Accurate revenue forecasts are essential to every business, but without the right technology, it can be difficult. Forecasting requires an in-depth view of the entire buyer’s journey and gives insight into which stage of the sales process prospects currently occupy. HubSpot Deal Pipelines give you actionable data you need to keep moving valuable prospects through your sales pipeline and increase revenue.  

From there, you can predict revenue based on how many sales deals you’ll be able to close within a specified sales cycle. You can also find any bottlenecks in your buyer’s journey with user-friendly dashboards and discover inefficiencies while keeping track of new and existing deals as they flow through your pipeline.    

HubSpot Deal Pipelines are also a valuable tool for your sales team–they can follow prospects as they go through the sales process and clue them in on appropriate actions they should take to keep things moving and close the deal.   

At a high level, let’s talk about how it works and why it should become an integral part of how you scale your Ag Business.   

Keep Your Sales Flowing   


It’s easy to keep your sales on track with HubSpot Deal Pipelines. In addition, by using data-informed decisions, errors are minimized. Generate your own custom playbooks and templates to use for sales and customer service calls. The right information, right when you need it.   

In addition, HubSpot Deal Pipelines allow you to:   

  • Easily create new deals directly from your HubSpot CRM Platform. HubSpot’s smart deal pipeline technology recognizes when a new deal is added from an existing customer record and generates an automatic update. This eliminates manual data entry, and the most current information is delivered directly.  
  • Customize deal pipelines. HubSpot’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for your sales team to add or modify deal stages and properties.   
  • Work from anywhere. Sales reps in the field and away from their desk? No problem. The HubSpot mobile app means leads, and performance can be monitored for easy follow-up, no matter where they are.   

Get the Reports You Need for Deep Insights  


Ag business owners require visibility into sales metrics for revenue insights.  

Additionally, they also need the ability to take a deep dive into the sales pipeline to forecast performance accurately and coach your team. The reports available in HubSpot use CRM data to give you the visibility you need, providing a single source of truth that informs your strategy.  

Track deal status changes and team performance updates using customized sales reports and sales analytics.    

Forecast Report: This report shows the forecasted revenue by deal stage to understand how much revenue is at stake. Creating a monthly sales report based on these forecasts can be created easily.   

Funnel Reports: This report shows how contacts are moving through the pipeline lifecycle stages and how deals are progressing. As a result, you will be able to see your sales rep’s progress easily.   

Activity Reports: This provides the insights you need to coach your sales team toward success.    

Stage Probability-Weighted Forecast Report: You can understand how likely you’ll reach your sales goals for the month or quarter.    

Pipeline analytics lets you take a deep dive into sales performance so you can prioritize your sales team’s efforts. As a result, you’ll get an up-to-the-minute view of deals in your pipeline. Waterfall reporting helps you to find new areas of opportunity, and change history. One glance gives you information on newly created deals, adjusted close dates, and changes to pipeline stages.   

HubSpot Deal Pipelines Are Essential to Sales Team Success 


HubSpot Deal Pipeline combined with your HubSpot CRM platform offers unparalleled insights into the sales process.   

  • Accountability becomes easy when you can see what’s slowing things down and know what must be changed immediately. Therefore, this helps set priorities for lead follow-up.   
  • Your sales and customer service teams become more aligned because they have visibility into the process to customize offers and interactions.  Ensure that every stage of the pipeline meshes with the prospect’s buying path.   
  • Customize the right deal stages for your pipeline based on your strategy, products and services, company story, and each prospect’s unique buyer journey.   

The power of HubSpot’s Deal Pipeline is impressive. It improves forecasting, helps you understand your prospects, and close more deals with its thorough analysis and easily understandable insights.    

Leverage everything HubSpot has to offer Anthem Ag will get you started maximizing your sales effectiveness and efficiency and help you get the most out of sales pipelines that meet your unique business needs. 

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