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QR Code Marketing; Quantum Leaps of Data

Kaitlin Vrsek

One of the few things we marketers can thank the COVID-19 pandemic for is the return of QR (quick response) codes. From restaurant menus to job applications, QR codes have made an astounding comeback in the last 18 months.

Remember the old days when QR codes were first introduced: when a user was required to download an extra app, find the app, open it, scan the QR code and hope that it read?

Those days are long gone!

With the technology upgrades on smartphones, a quick tap on your camera allows for most QR codes to be easily and automatically read.

How can an ag marketer create a QR code?

Answer: with a free tool on the internet.

My personal favorite is, but there are many options available. It’s quick, it’s simple, and provides different options for redirects like URLs, vCards, WiFi, or email, and if you have a paid account it can provide more meaningful data tracking for your code.

Check out this article from HubSpot, “How to Make a QR Code in 8 Easy Steps

What data can ag marketers collect from a QR code?

Answer: anything.

Depending on your call-to-action, you really can collect specific data your company wants to report on!

Let’s break down ways to track the types of QR Codes offers and possible places you can utilize them.

URL – You can associate a UTM code to the URL if your QR code redirects to a specific webpage or form for tracking purposes.

  • Advertisements
  • Give-A-Ways or promotions
  • Postcards

vCard – turn your business card contact information into something trackable! Create a shortened or link to your company’s website which can be attributed to business card scans.

  • Business cards
  • Speaking engagement contact slides

Plain Text – no images, just text. Have a strong call-to-action within the text, which can include or links.

  • How-to instructions
  • Itineraries or schedules
  • Quiz/test answers

SMS – create a QR code which directly texts a phone number with a prefilled or encouraged text message. This one is easy to track as you can count how many messages the phone number or short code receives.

  • Customer feedback
  • Event RSVPs

Email – create a QR code to a predefined recipient. This can already include a subject line or even body in the message. Again, an easy one to track through your inbox.

  • Customer feedback
  • Customer service issues
  • Request for information

WiFi – tired of having customers always ask for your WiFi password? Include it in a QR code on your desk, wall or bulletin board so you don’t ever have to share it!

Twitter – create a premade Tweet for your customers to check-in with or about the product they purchased. Track these tweets with a specific hashtag, series of hashtags and an @ to your business page.

  • Customer feedback
  • Engagement
  • Event promotion isn’t the only QR code generator available, it’s just one specific example we used. The finally note – don’t sleep on QR codes. The engagement, tracking and analytics to gain from such a simple tool, strategically placed can add layers of data to your marketing efforts.

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