Utilizing AgTech Solutions in an Agribusiness Marketing Strategy

Jaclyn Krymowski

The modern world is fast-paced, ever-evolving, and relentlessly demanding. And with a growing global population, agriculture has felt especially pressured to keep up with the technology trends to stay on track. How well are you embracing AgTech solutions to market your Ag business?

AgTech has advanced so much in the last 20 years to provide agriculturalists with a wealth of solutions. But even with the reassurance they provide, there are some unique challenges that come with utilizing, marketing, and advancing technology for agribusinesses.

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It is a process that applies modern technology to improve agribusiness efficiency and reduce costs in the food production sector. It ranges from precision ag to software for data collection and agribusiness management. The industry is already seeing the shift in favor of the technologically savvy, especially as a younger generation takes over.

For example, one study found millennials can be expected to be a driving force in 75% of the technological changes that happen in farming. This transition is already in motion – Agtech solutions are estimated to be worth $22.5 billion by 2025. What’s an agribusiness to do with this knowledge?

AgTech Solutions in the Digital Age

With more of the agriculture community embracing technology in all its forms, agribusinesses should take heed especially when it comes to their identity and customer base. This touches on multiple facets – marketing, communication, and product development. These come with both opportunities and challenges.

As farmers and other agribusiness become more familiar with AgTech, it is only expected they anticipate those they do business with are also equally competent in this area. How much technology and the types will depend on your segment within agriculture. Those who deal with equipment and machinery should be well versed in precision ag, and agronomy specialists must be kept up to date with different software and tools at their disposal. There is also a lot of development happening in all sectors related to robotics and IoT.

Another side to the changes that come with AgTech solutions is how customers are communicated to, marketed towards, and managed. As more people are accustomed to using the internet, there is an expectation to be easily accessible. That said, there are still some marketing techniques that should accompany new AgTech developments. This even trickles down into how marketing and communications are conducted.

Using New Techniques

We’ve seen in recent years how more agriculture publications and media have moved towards a full or partial digital format. This has opened a whole new world of advertising campaigns. There have been entire media dedicated specifically to covering AgTech. Even non-agriculture outlets have also become keenly interested in this area.

Something that’s become a bigger staple in media and marketing is the power of visualization. If you are marketing in agriculture – especially if you cater to the AgTech sector – visual media is essential in marketing strategy. Not only does this appeal to lots of people, but the visual effect is one of the most important details that catches someone’s eye especially when it comes to advertising in print or on various outline platforms.

Keeping with the theme of visual effects, something else that has risen to power in recent years is demos and trials. Even the most intriguing and interesting sounding product will require a demonstration to convince potential buyers and investors. Trade shows are an effective and classic way to do this. But with the rise of more media platforms, there has been a huge move to video as a great way to showcase products.

One of the biggest challenges that come with AgTech is the marketing side of it, especially as it becomes a very influential and saturated space. And while much of the agriculture space has leaned towards AgTech newcomers with open arms, there is still several layers of convincing that need to be done.

No matter what mode of media is chosen for advertising, the messaging is key. Agtech is all about solutions for the farmer, solving a particular challenge or problem. That aspect needs to be front and center in all advertising and communication. It’s about identifying with the struggle and needs of the audience and illustrating how AgTechcan make things better for their benefit.

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