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Webinar Sneak Peak: Harvesting Digital Marketing Potential

Kaitlin Vrsek

Join our Harvesting Digital Marketing Potential Webinar and discover where a decision-maker begins in crafting an amazing modern digital experience to keep customers delighted while attracting new customers.

Competition among agribusinesses is at an all-time high, which means delivering a satisfying, safe, and streamlined digital e-commerce experience to customers is essential for businesses to remain competitive and customers to stay loyal.

A digital customer-first experience is crafted through design, data, and security.


  • How are customers digitally experiencing your agribusiness service?
  • Is your website the e-commerce hub of the customer’s experience?
  • Are customers accessing your website on the go? If so, mobile responsiveness is key.


  • Do you have tools to produce data reports that show how your prospects and customers are interacting with your website, marketing campaigns, and e-commerce services?
  • Does your e-commerce website have automations in place to help nurture prospects through the sales pipeline? Or re-new subscriptions?


  • Is your website and customer data truly secure?
  • Is your agribusiness in compliance with online digital privacy rules and regulations?

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Is it time for your agribusiness website to be updated for a modern, secure, and seamless customer experience?

An agribusiness that needs a website redesign that securely integrates with custom applications may find the path ahead of them overwhelming and daunting, but it doesn’t need to be.

Join our upcoming webinar as we break down how to dovetail design, data, e-commerce applications, and security by examining approach, planning and process.

Join us on November 3rd at 11am CST for our webinar, Harvesting Digital Marketing Potential: Cultivating a Customer-First E-Commerce Experience Through Agribusiness Website Design, Data, and Security, presented by Kaitlin Vrsek, Ag Marketing Strategist at Gate 39 Media and co-presented by Nick Landsberger, Lead Designer and Keller Hawthorne, VP Marketing Technology at Gate 39 Media.

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In this 45-minute webinar you’ll learn about the essential components of creating a customer-first e-commerce experience:


  • Basic overall design aspects to consider for your website & questions to ask partners when evaluating a new website build.
  • How does UI/UX effect SEO? And what does that mean for your business’ ranking on Google and other search engines?
  • Importance of mobile responsiveness and how ensuring mobile responsiveness impacts your lead conversion rate.


  • HubSpot provides an intuitive approach to nurture customers and potential customers into completing a sale and tracking their buying life cycle. Don’t let an abandoned cart go to waste, or your content be unread, HubSpot can assist in keeping the buying cycle moving.
  • E-commerce platforms are not ideal CRM’s – want to know where a potential buyer ended their journey? Or what piece of information/product is creating the most draw? Use a CRM like HubSpot to track current and potential customers as they move through your site.
  • We’ll look at GDPR & California’s Privacy Law and how those impact certain aspects of your e-commerce or subscription-based platform.


  • Tips and notes for securing your website and how the cloud can help protect your websites and online applications
  • How to leverage your CRM to keep your customer data secure and follow privacy standards and rules such as GDPR and California Customer Protection Act.

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