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The Benefits of Video Marketing

Gate 39 Media Staff

If your Ag business is not currently exploring the benefits of video marketing, you are losing out on one of the most powerful conversion tools we have at our disposal.   

At this point, most of us were raised on television. We are several generations of TV Babies. What’s so compelling about being raised on television is the fact that we have been trained to respond to what looks like editorial-style news and infomercials.   

Leveraging that nurtured human trait is part of what makes video marketing so powerful and effective.  

Think of most news stories.   

How long do they last?   

Thirty seconds, sixty seconds, two minutes?   

We’re trained on 30-second “sound bites” and marketing video content without even knowing it. Video has become the perfect “Fun-Sized” nibble that delivers your message quickly to a captive audience.  Including a video marketing strategy in your business plan will help you achieve your revenue and conversion goals far faster than without it.

Check out these surprising statistics reported by Forbes:   

  • CLICK THROUGH RATES: Adding branded videos to your customer emails can increase click-through rates by as much as 200-300%  
  • CONVERSION RATES: Featuring your company’s branded video content on your landing pages can increase conversion rates up to 80%.  
  • A jaw-dropping 64% of customers reported that they are more likely to purchase after viewing video content about the product.  

HubSpot surveyed over 3,000 participants and found that 54% preferred video over all other content, including emails, blog articles, and downloadable content.  

Why is Video So Compelling?  

Consider how many things compete for your attention daily; email, a 24-hour news feed, social media, phone calls, text messages, meetings, your job, family, and pets.   

The average person is bombarded with data and stimuli from the time they wake up until they go to bed at night. Therefore, you must make your point quickly and make it memorable.   

Video packs a mighty wallop because it visually, intellectually, and aurally engages your audience. It helps to clarify the benefits your customers will receive from your product or service.  Additionally, video helps to take complex topics and concepts and break them down into easy-to-understand data bits.   

Vidyard reports that companies who use video in their marketing on average grow their revenue by 49% year over year versus companies who don’t employ a video marketing strategy.   

Product Videos, Explainer Videos, and Product Demos  

One of the great benefits of using video in your marketing is the opportunity to explain your product or service quickly and succinctly. It is a perfect delivery method for conveying your unique value proposition, the benefits to the customer, and why your brand is superior in the market.  

Video can also serve as your “silent” salesperson delivering your unique marketing message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In this way, you can reach a much wider market than ever before.  

A well-crafted video message can also help your leads overcome those “internal objections” that prevent them from purchasing. Using videos in your email marketing strategy and drip campaigns to help customers learn HOW to best use your product or service leads to an elevated customer service experience.  

Outrank Your Competitors: SEO and Video   

The ins and outs of SEO (search engine optimization) are manifold and ever-changing. Yet, search engines use a couple of distinct metrics to rank websites; the first is “dwell time,” and the second is backlinks.   

Search engines favor websites with extended “dwell” times. This is the amount of time internet users spend on your website. Because video has the distinct ability to engage users, people tend to spend longer on your website, blog, or landing page. The net result is that websites are rewarded with higher rankings on the search engine results pages because they clock longer “dwell” times.   

Using video on your website will also help your business acquire backlinks that will boost your rank.  

When Google shows a video thumbnail next to a search result, users are more likely to click that link than a standard result without a video. This creates a “rich snippet” which Google prioritizes in search. Although search engines like Google have never confirmed that they prioritize results with video content over non-video content, the consensus in the marketing community is that this is the case based on SEO results.  

Include Video in Your Blogs  

Written content is vital to the success of your brand and your marketing campaigns. Yet, creating videos to include in your blog posts can significantly boost engagement. Remember, you are catering to people with different needs and expectations.  Some people like to cozy up to an excellent article to start their day, while others want to watch a 2-minute video during their lunch break.   

Content is King. Savvy businesses are getting wise to the benefits of content marketing. Unfortunately, as a result, the blogosphere is so congested with content that it can be difficult for your messages to get ranked and seen by your target audience.   

Video is an excellent way of giving your blog content a competitive edge and cutting through the white noise. It makes it easier to digest information than reading alone.  In addition to making a bigger impact on your target audience, people are more likely to share your post if it includes a video. Think of it as enhanced blogging!  

Humanize Your Company with Video Content

All consumers have doubts and objections in their minds, which creates a barrier to conversion. Fear of the unknown is a powerful psychological impediment that can make marketing an uphill battle. Unfortunately, this is the burden of every business in every market.   

However, when consumers innately trust the brands they do business with, conversion and revenue are the consequence. Video helps consumers get to know your company, brand, and employees. It helps to establish a much-needed trust factor quicker than any other medium. Seeing is believing.   

Social Media Posting

If you are already sharing content on your social media channels, branded video is the perfect medium to help you gain market share! Sharing a video on social media can help you capture a whole new market that never knew you existed until they laid eyes on your video content.   

Creating Quality Video Content Matters  

Let’s face it. The internet is crowded. The quality of content you create for your brand is critical. It can mean the difference between being buried in obscurity or standing out in the crowd.   

Although video marketing statistics can be compelling, video marketing is not magic. Posting any old video on your website will not help you to achieve any of the remarkable statistics we’ve explored in this post. Instead, quality, engaging content will help you achieve a higher ranking, organic traffic, engagement, and conversion. 

So, remember to keep it interesting, entertaining, engaging, and informative.  

  1. Create video content around your ideal buyer. The more targeted your message is tailored to your perfect buyer, the more effective it will be in the conversion process. If you want to be terrific, you must be specific!  
  1. Consider where the viewer is at in their buyers’ journey in the marketing funnel. Buyers at the top of the funnel don’t want to be bombarded but would likely appreciate a short but compelling introductory video. Buyers closer to the bottom of the funnel would be receptive to testimonials and promotions. 

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